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Things are weird and hard for all of us during this time of COVID, and especially hard for those of us who make our living in the food industry. With this in mind, we have been driving to some of our favorite places to eat from and purchasing gift-certificates.

This allows us to do three things. First, we're helping our brothers and sisters in the industry with a little bump to their daily totals.. which is always nice, especially during the holidays. 

You see, the holiday season is generally the busiest time of the year for the food industry, which is, unfortunately, followed immediately by the slowest. Add COVID and seating restrictions to an already stressful, slow and limited season and we're all going a little crazy..

......which brings us to the next benefit, which is YOU!

This project is also bringing YOU to these amazing businesses, some of which (we are assuming) you haven't eaten at yet! So, we are offering up 16 unique gift-cards and certificates for raffle. We know that we are lucky enough to have these unique, creative restaurants operating in our region, and we want to share them with YOU!

Each entry costs a buck and you can enter as many times as you'd like. Just change the quantity at checkout. You will be assigned a number based on the number of your order. Then, the winner of the raffle will be selected using the Google Random Number Generator, on Friday, January 8th!

Now, this is where the third benefit comes in.... All money raised will be donated to two of our favorite local organizations... 50% will go to Ruth's Place and 50% will go to the Peoples Guild.

Read about them below:

Ruth's Place is the only emergency shelter for homeless women in Luzerne County. A program of Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania, Ruth's Place has provided emergency shelter and services for over 4,000 homeless women since its beginning in 2003. This program needs your help to continue giving women the assistance they need to find permanent housing. 

The Peoples Guild is at the frontline of community action and outreach in the North Eastern Pennsylvania Region. They were founded to hear people's needs and help fulfill them together. They are organized by community members with the mission to simply help community members in need, including outreach to help the homeless and marginalized of our region. 



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