It all started when...

they got tired of driving long distances to find a good cup of coffee.

Brian and Sarah established Grateful Roast, in spirit, at least, in 2006. 

Brian moved with Sarah to NEPA to be closer to her family. Being a Pacific North-West native, the lack of good coffee became burdensome.

One day, they decided that in order to have good, fresh coffee consistently, they would need to roast it themselves. They found a little coffee roaster for sale in Massachusetts, pooled their resources and made the drive to pick up the little red roaster. Within the week, their coffee roaster was installed on their sun-porch and started roasting!

In those early days, they established a few solid relationships and supplied coffee to a few establishments and everything was going great .. until they had to stop roasting due to zoning laws. 

Fast forward to March 2016. The building that currently houses Grateful Roast went up for lease... and after a few months of intensive renovations and creative budgeting, Grateful Roast Cafe and Coffee Roaster was born.