Grateful Roast Cafe and Coffee Roaster

Specialty Coffee Roaster for North Eastern Pennsylvania and Beyond


Grateful Roast is NEPA's very own Specialty Coffee Roaster. Our flagship brick-and-mortar store is located in the city of Nanticoke Pennsylvania.

Although we have only had a public-facing location since June of 2016, Grateful Roast has been developing their craft for years, so stop in and see what the buzz is all about!




Through our website, you can place an order for pickup and have coffee shipped to your door. Pre-ordering is simple.. just place your order about a half hour in advance and swing through the drive-thru for pickup. 

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You have all the dots connected... you have an amazing menu, fresh products, superior service .. why taint the customer experience with poor quality coffee? If you would like to step your coffee game, drop us a line.

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